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Spa Storm


Spa Storm

The Storm adds a new dimension to rotationally molded spas. It combines styling, comfort, ambience, serviceability and

exceptional massage all in one truly portable and aordable spa. As its name suggests, the Storm will catch your attention. Its

sleek, modern design not only exudes practical features, but it also blusters with features like a back lit, cascading waterfall,

external LED sconce lighting, hand recesses for easy portability and 100% accessibility to the plumbing and equipment. With

unequaled comfort, ambience and practicality, the Storm delivers a truly gratifying spa ownership experience.

The Storm seating allows for versatility. You can relax in either of the two body-conforming captain’s chairs. One chair is 2’’

wider and 2‘’ deeper than the other to accommodate dierent body shapes and sizes. Both chairs are equipped with armrests.

A full width bench seat enables barrier free movement in the spa and its curved ends enable it to double as a lounger. The

Storm also contains a step for easier and safer entering and exiting to and from the spa. This step also doubles as a cool down

seat so you don’t have to exit the spa if you’re feeling a bit warm.

The Storm is a true “Plug & Play” portable spa. It needs no special site preparation**. The bottom of the Storm is totally protected

and the spa can be set on any solid level surface. No electrician is needed. The Storm comes standard with a 15’, 120V

GFCI-protected cord that is ready to be plugged into a dedicated 15amp standard wall receptacle. For those who plan to use

their spa for long periods of time in cold weather, it can also be converted to 240V* operation for better heating eciency